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Myrtle & Mary

Nectar Art Print

Nectar Art Print

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Open Edition Giclée Print 


Original background painting by Alberto Vargas


230gsm matt paper

Care Instructions

Giclée prints should be cared for in the same way as an original piece of art.
This means that dirt, dust, moisture, oils, adhesives, solvents, heat, and anything that could scratch, dent or crease the paper should all be avoided when you are handling your print.
Do not touch the print surface with your fingers or hands, this could scratch the surface, and oils from your skin can damage the print. Only handle the print with clean, dry hands (it's probably very unlikely, but if you own a pair of white cotton gloves, then they are perfect for the job, but if not, freshly cleaned hands will do) so as skin oils don't stain the paper.
Use two hands to support your print and hold it by the edges; that way, it will not bend, and you will avoid finger smudges on the face of the print, as dents, creases and oily marks could be permanent.
Keep your new giclée print covered with the acid-free tissue paper that it was posted with until it is framed to avoid damage.
Don’t use your hands to wipe off any dust as this can also damage the surface of your giclée print. Instead, use a dry, clean, white lint-free cloth or a photographer’s lens-brush.
Never allow liquids of any kind to come in contact with a print.
Framing under glass or acrylic provides the greatest protection against fading from UV light and ozone. Non reflective glass is recommended.
Avoid hanging or storing your print in direct or extremely bright indirect sunlight.
Avoid excessive temperature and humidity extremes.

Size Chart

A1 594 x 841mm
A2 420 x 594mm
A3 297 x 420mm

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