How to Hang Luxury Designer Wallpapers

How to Hang Luxury Designer Wallpapers

In 2022, having a Maximalist statement wallpaper is the perfect way to change up your home or office decoration, whether it is as a statement, eye-catching feature wall or a full transformation to vintage maximalist heaven. Forget minimalism, embrace the clutter.

Getting the wallpaper steamer out of the tool shed means that you are ready to take the plunge and change-up your home or workspace, whether the living room or bedroom, home office or office office, Myrtle and Mary have the brand new range for you.

Our exclusive wallpapers have been designed and made in the UK, each design is available in either Grande or Petite, and each roll is printed using eco-friendly water based inks to ensure that the environment is cared for. The paper is non-woven Toll coated 147gsm paper, which lends vibrancy to the colours and durability to the paper, and being non-woven makes installation and removal of the paper much easier.

Ensure that when ordering your wallpaper that you have sufficient quantity to cover the area, using the measurements below

Grande rolls:

Roll Length = 10.05 Metres
Roll Width 52cm = coverage of 5.226 m2

Petite rolls:
Roll Length = 10.05 Metres
Roll Width 70cm = coverage of 7.035m2

Preparation for your Wallpaper

All walls should be dry, clean and even where possible, any old wallpaper and loose paint should be removed before starting. If wallpapering onto a painted surface, ensure that the paint has been roughened up in advance using sandpaper to ensure a better sticking surface. We do recommend that walls are cross lined using a good quality paper and sizing the lining paper will add to the adhesive qualities. Always ensure that the lining paper has dried out completely before hanging the wallpaper.

Pasting and Hanging

As Myrtle and Mary wallpapers are a paste the wall product, your decorator MUST paste the wall and not the back of the wallcovering. Always use a good quality, solvent free, fungicide protected ready-mixed ‘tub’ adhesive. This will ensure a consistent hang for your wallpaper.

Paste should be evenly applied to the wall, hang only one length of paper at a time to allow for settling and adjustments. Apply an even coat of paste to the lining paper, ensuring the edges are well covered and slightly beyond the width of the roll, allow the paste to soak for 4-5 minutes, until the lining paper is supple. Do not oversoak. DO NOT paste more than for one roll at a time.

To paper butt joints, make sure both pieces or wallpaper are level, with the top and bottom edges lining up perfectly. Hold a straight edged tool, such as a wallpaper knife or a metal stick ruler, right next to the spot where the joints will meet. This must be over a spot where the pieces overlap. Use a spirit level to ensure the tool is vertically straight. and use a decorators brush to smooth down the wallcovering, working from the centre to the edges to expel air bubbles.
You should always avoid squeezing paste out of the joints and ensure the any paste does not get onto the brush or roller.

Paste should NOT be allowed to come into contact with the surface of the wallpaper and hands should be kept clean and dry whilst hanging the wallcovering.

Paste will damage the surface of your wallpaper. We cannot accept responsibility for marks or damage caused by incorrect use of paste while hanging your wallpaper.

In the event of any paste having been allowed to come into contact with the surface, it should be lightly sponged whilst still damp, using a clean moist sponge.

Once 2 to 3 lengths have been hung, inspect the work to ensure that no shading or faults are apparent. For your safety, ensure that the wallpaper is firmly stuck to the wall, as loose wallpaper can be a fire accelerant and contribute to any hazard.

Always remember, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the environment is suitable for the wallcovering.

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