Stunning Myrtle and Mary suitcase with duffle bag to the right hand side, placed in the foyer of a hotel.

The Best Luggage System for 2022 Post Pandemic Travel

Now that travel restrictions are coming to an end across the globe in 2022, we at Myrtle & Mary are happy to have found the ultimate luggage for city breaks and longer holidays abroad and at home. Designed in-house so your luggage is as beautiful as the destination you travel to, from the Amazon to Zimbabwe, we have you covered.

It is the case that travel can be a hassle, but for those in the know, getting your baggage through security quickly and onto the plane on your way out and off at the other end without having to go to the luggage carrousel, will leave you with more time for you and your family at your end destination.

That's why Myrtle & Mary have designed a cabin suitable bag (measures just 56 cm x 23 cm x 36 cm) that is easily controlled using 4 x 360 degree swivel wheels, and at just under 3.5kg unloaded, it is not going to add too much to your baggage allowance. The soft grip extendable handle adds comfort to the use of these beautiful, Irish designed suitcases. They have an added advantage of having TSA approved locks, so will remain secure, whether in the hold or in the overhead locker compartment on the plane.

Two internal straps will keep your clothes securely placed inside the suitcase, and the design will stand out from the crowd so that you can easily spot your suitcase when in crowded terminals.

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