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Myrtle and Mary

Myrtle Gold Real Silk Georgette Scarf

Myrtle Gold Real Silk Georgette Scarf

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100% natural silk fabrics, this pretty woven fabric has a gossamer appearance due to its very fine threads. This Myrtle Gold Real Silk Georgette silk scarf is versatile, luxurious and fashionable.

Myrtle always wore lipstick and pearls. She also wore a full-length fur coat and carried a handbag and gloves, even if she was just going to the corner shop. Myrtle had the heart of a lion and a beautiful smile. She turned heads wherever she went.

100% Georgette Silk- Georgette Silk is very similar to silk chiffon or crêpe silk, but Georgette not as sheer as chiffon because of a tighter weave.

As all of our scarves are handmade to order by real people, there will be some variance in the dimensions, measurements, and shape of the scarf. A predictable amount of shrinkage is likely to occur, this is normal and to be expected. The average shrinkage is 2-8%. Due to the natural softness of the high-quality fabrics we use, the edges of your scarf may be wavy.  All scarves have a care label attached. 



100% Georgette Silk

Care Instructions

Dry clean only recommended.
Can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.


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