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Myrtle and Mary

Mary Small Tray - Turquoise

Mary Small Tray - Turquoise

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An enchanting and practical piece, the Turquoise Mary Small Tray is perfect for serving food and drinks, or holding smaller personal trinkets.

Mary could talk to birds. She also believed in fairies and angels and everything in between. Mary always kept her garden beautifully, but she dreamed of an exotic garden in a faraway land where tigers roamed free and birds and butterflies danced together in the moonlight.


Hygienic 3.25mm thick Melamine

Care Instructions

Simply wipe your tray clean with a clean damp cloth, rinse and dry by hand. Please do not put in the dishwasher.

Size Chart

27 x 20 cm (flat serving area: 22 x 15 cm approx)

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